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If you can't find a gear in our store or need it specially made to a certain spec, please submit a custom gear form and we'll contact you and begin working on a gear for you. 

Custom gears are $45.00 and are only available in the U.S. If you don't see your lens listed, send us a message. We may already have it in our inventory. 

For custom gears, we need 2 measurements - the width and diameter of the focus ring. Outside diameter is optional. If no outside diameter is specified, it will usually be made to sit 3-6mm "high" off your focus ring for a clean, low profile gear that slides perfectly onto your lens and into your current lens case. 

Measuring with Digital Calipers:

If you've got a set of digital calipers, those are the most accurate method of measuring. They are very precise and ensure that your gear will be very very close if not absolutely perfect on the first attempt.



Once We have the Diameter and Width of the focus ring on your lens, we can start a custom gear. When it's all finished, it should check out with your measurements. 

Measuring with a paper strip:

We highly recommend you use a digital calipers to measure. However, if you don't have access to a set, lenses can be measured using a paper strip. There are a few things you should know before using a paper strip though - the measurement is usually not as accurate and the gear may or may not fit perfectly for a variety of reasons. The number 1 reason a gear doesn't work is if the paper strip is not printed to proper scale. You may have to temporarily set your printer to "US A4 Standard" paper or simply print it at "100%" to get it to the right size. Whatever you do, just double check that 10cm actualy equals 10cm if that makes sense.

Here's a link to a printable measuring strip:

You can wrap this around your lens's focus ring and read it from the zero mark to find the circumference of the focus ring. You can also use this to find the width of the focus ring - the distance from front edge of focus ring to the back edge.

A set of adjustment rings is included with each new custom gear. If  the custom gear doesn't fit properly, use the adjustment rings. There will be 10-15 numbered fit rings with slightly different inside diameters, in the same size range as the measurement you provided. Try them on the focus ring of your lens until you find one that fits tightly enough to turn the focus ring without slipping.

We can make very precise adjustments based on which # ring fits best, in this case #67 fits best. We will adjust it and mail it absolutely free of any additional charges. Sometimes a little fine-tuning is required to get them to absolute perfection. 

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